Meet Jasper and Lucy

Jasper, my three year old cockapoo, can be a little dog reactive and definitely has selective hearing when it comes to recall, the two combined have made it hard to find areas to safely let him off lead.

We have also found that the many lockdowns we have all faced has made walking a dog in the open countryside on public footpaths and in parks to be even more of a challenge for many dog owners like myself, and in some cases it has caused changes in behaviour.

With all this in mind I wanted to create a safe space for myself and other owners where they can feel safe and have peace of mind letting dogs off lead.

Off Your Lead opened in July 2021 and we have welcomed hundreds and dogs and owners since, giving owners peace of mind that their dogs are safe.

We hope to see you and your dogs at Off Your Lead soon and we look forward to seeing all your pictures and videos.

Lucy and Jasper