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Do not arrive more than 5 minutes before the start of your session, early arrivals can be disruptive to those still on the fields. Once in the car park ensure that your dogs do not cause a distraction to those leaving the field; dogs barking at open windows can be very upsetting for some dogs. Stay in your vehicle until the previous users have left the field and have got their dogs into their vehicle.

Do not enter the field before your allocated time and leave the field promptly at the end of your session.

Keep all dogs on a lead at all times when outside of the secure field.
Do not get a dog out of the car unless you have a lead and full control.

There are occasionally dog training/agility sessions taking place in the adjoining field. If you feel this would impact on your experience at Off Your Lead, please call us before making a booking.

When arriving at Off Your Lead please do not get your dogs out of the car or gather around the entrance to the field until the previous user has taken their dog(s) from the field and are out of sight, their dog(s) may be nervous or reactive. We have plenty of yard space away from the main field area which you are welcome to use whilst waiting.

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Up to 3 dogs are included in the price, additional cost of £2 for 4-6 dogs. If you’d like to book the field for more than 6 dogs please contact us directly.